Polish foundry products- castings of various characteristics and applications made of the following materials:


  • Grey cast iron of GG 15, GG 20, GG 25
  • S.G ( nodular iron ) of GGG 40, GGG 50, GGG 60 and GGG 70
  • Bronze casting
  • Malleable cast iron
  • Low alloy cast iron
  • Cast steel

Aluminum castings

Company Sprimex Sp. z o.o. offers pressure die castings and gravity castings from non-ferrous alloys (Al, Zn, Cu) from entrusted moulds as well as from moulds made in our own tool room.

We offer:

  • equipment documentation
  • die-casting and gravity moulds
  • die- and gravity-castings
  • surface treatment
  • vacuum-pressure impregnation

We assure:

  • high quality of our products
  • competitive prices
  • deliveries on time

Below You can see selected assortment from our production profile. Shown nearby details are from Al-Si alloy and they are designed for pneumatic and automotive industry. Basic raw material for this type of castings is AK132 and AK11 these details are made on a horizontal and vertical cold-chamber pressure die casting machines with the locking force from 160 to 900 tones.

Below you can see castings from Zn alloys (mainly Z40 and Z41) made on hot-chamber pressure die casting machines with the locking force from 50 to 250 tones. These castings are designed for automotive, pneumatic and building industries.

Castings made of brass MO59 are mainly decorative and designed for furniture industry. They are made on cold-chamber machines with the locking force from 160 to 250 tones.


WEIGHT RANGE: from 0, 2 kgs to 30 MT per piece


  • Shipbuilding industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Agriculture and building machinery
  • Industrial fixtures
  • Steel making plant equipment
  • Municipal purposes / sewage systems and others

Well equipped control – measurement laboratories ensure the high casting quality and stability of their technical and mechanical properties.

Our products are manufactured in line with Polish and European standards or they meet the specific requirements of the foreign customers basing on individual technical drawings and agreed terms of execution.

Our producers are properly equipped to guarantee at each production stage the required high parameters of product.


The production process is based on the following technologies:


  • in cupola
  • in inductions furnaces/ by Duplex system
  • in open-hearth furnaces /arc in case of cast steel/


  • automatic
  • machine
  • or hand mouldin

Core making

  • CO 2
  • Hot, cold box
  • oil sand
  • synthetic resin cores
  • shell

Thermal treatment ( carburizing, phosphatizing)

Shot blasting

Anticorrosion protection

Checking and inspection (chemical composition analysis, mechanical properties, metallographic structural analysis)

Pattern: wood , metal and resin

Castings can be supplied rough or fully machined.


We can deliver following die forgings

  • drop forgings weight 0,2 to 40 kg
  • black smith forgings, weight 0,5 up to 1500 kgs
  • forging dies and tooling
  • forged rings

Forgings are made of ordinary steel, alloy steel and special purpose steel according to individual requirements.



Machining of different castings, forgings and other parts can be executed on the following machines:

  • CNC lathe
  • Traditional lathe with range of turning between fi 1000, L=6000
  • CNC miller
  • Universal milling
  • Hobbing machine fi 700 – M 8
  • Horizontal boring machine with digital read-out
  • Saws up to fi 400
  • Slotting machines
  • Double disk grinder, internal and external grinder

Additional services:

  • Steel heat treatment such as : hardening , nitriding, carburizing
  • Galvanic working
  • Plastic working: forging, punching
  • Welding (electrical welding, gas welding, CO 2 welding)
  • Cleaning – shot peening
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